10th International Children and Youth Art Exhibition “Value Brooch”

This exhibition gives the new generation a chance to show how the world looks through their eyes: things, qualities, relationships, events that they care about and that make their life complete. It shall be aimed at gathering visual artworks made by children and the youth and promoting development, diversity, and accessibility of cultural education by facilitating preservation of cultural values, historical and intangible cultural heritage, improvement of the quality of city environment. The topic of the exhibition shall be values important to children and the youth gathered in a “brooch” (ancient Latvian adornment mentioned in folk songs; an element of the national costume used to pin together and decorate clothing; adornment as an amulet with a protective function; an adornment that reflects one’s social status) through its visual and associative interpretation by creating displays in the city environment and virtual space.

Participants shall submit digitalised images (photos or scans). These images may be supplemented by text that complements the composition as a graphic element. The Exhibition Value Brooch will display the best – roughly 200 large-scale prints selected by an international judging panel in the city centre, on Esplanade, by the Art Museum, and virtually  at vertibusakta.lv. 

WHERE: Riga, Latvia

WHEN: Please, submit your works by 18 May 2020 at vertibusakta.lv. The exhibition is on 7–31 July 2020.

Please, find more information at the website http://vertibusakta.lv/ and do not hesitate to contact Vilnis Heinrihsons vilniss@gmail.com if You still have some questions. 

Lue lisää näyttelykutsusta!


On extending the work submission deadline for the 10th International Children & Youth Exhibition Value Brooch:

Dear colleagues and anyone who is interested,

According to the Cabinet Order On the Declaration of Emergency Situation of 12 March 2020 in Latvia from the moment of taking the decision until 14 April 2020 organizers of the exhibition Value Brooch decided on a work submission deadline: 18.05.2020.

At the moment we are all confused in the face of the unknown. However, at the same time these challenges open up opportunities for a new view of many things. Including a different, maybe even broader, deeper view of values that, after enduring the testing conditions of the state of emergency, may manifest themselves in art unexpectedly and strikingly. We can give ourselves a pat on the shoulder as the digital – the remote – form has turned out quite suitable to fit the new circumstances. We will keep working on preparations for the exhibition as it might be even more important now to give children and the youth the opportunity to tell their value stories through visual language, to confirm that some things do not change, bring joy, provide a solid foundation to stand on, help find the meaning for every life however it might change.

We have gained more time – nearly 2 months. It is a great opportunity to create valuable pieces of art to become a peculiar evidence of these times where the external comes to a halt and the internal world activates, the times when new views and forms of cooperation emerge, the times we have to live not only each individually but also all together. Let’s create our own collection of values and show it to the city and the world.

Rules of Procedure of the exhibition are still available on the website: https://vertibusakta.lv. Follow us on Facebook 10. starptautiskā bērnu un jauniešu mākslas izstāde