A Journey into the World of Tove
Online exhibition of Art Schools for Children and Young People

The monster of the forest has no access to the tent illuminated by a lantern. A tiger and a small bird enjoy friendship by the sunny savannah. A ferocious cat hisses and jumps out of the picture.

The pupils of the art schools for children and young people have come up with topics and interpretations based on the art of Tove Jansson. The online exhibition A Journey into the World of Tove highlights the ways children and young people view and approach Tove Jansson as well as the Moomins.

Finnish art schools for children and young people have published and online exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Tove Jansson  www.youngart.fi/matka-toven-maailmaan.

The online exhibitions exhibit 100 artworks which have been divided into twelve different themes: grim forest, what it seen in the moomin world?, self-portrait – portrait, fears and dangers, familiar and unfamiliar creatures, familiar and unfamiliar places, celebration, adventure, emotions, peculiar creatures, interpretations of Tove Jansson’s art and structures of the archipelago. The artists are aged between 5 and 18 years.

The themes of the exhibition were selected by a jury to which the artistic director of Moomin Characters Ltd, Sophia Jansson was invited to participate in. Jansson was delighted by the works of young artists which interpreted the world of Moomins as well as the various aspects of Tove Jansson’s art in deep and unique ways. She suggested however that art schools could move in between different art forms with more courage. “Tove Jansson didn’t set borders between different arts and ways to express. Art, illustrations, cartoons, literature and theatre sceneries were all aspects of one person’s creativity. Children should also be encouraged to express themselves with many disciplines”.

Art schools for children and young people have been active around Finland for 30 years and currently on a weekly basis they have 17 500 children and young people learning art. Art schools provide basic education of arts which is based on a curriculum that proceeds from year to the next one on different areas of arts.


Anu Hietala

Managing director
The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People
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